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  1. Does anyone know which dll's I need to register to get the actual messages from RoxSniffer9, RoxLiveShare9 and AlbumCore9? I've had a nightmare week during which Roxio ended up refusing to burn anything, and the error messages without text are frustrating! After a day's worth of reboots, removing and reinstalling software etc. I finally burned an iso image without locking up. So I have removed the details of that fiasco and am just begging for the dll names, as decipherable error messages would have saved me a lot of time. The normalize option still causes EMC9 to crash the instant I hit the burn button. I think I'll take this up with Roxio directly; I posted about it in the crashes forum but none of the help people tried to give me has fixed that problem. Ah, one more subject: during the nightmare there was a time when Roxio kept telling me the drive was open by Drive Letter Access. No reboot or any other step I took could get it to try to burn the CD because of this, even if I used dla disable on the drive. Now dla.exe refuses to talk to either my dvd rom or myh dvd writer; this has been true since I removed EMC9 and all other Roxio software then reinstalled it. How do you get around the open-for-DLA error when you get it? And what gives with dla. THe drives still show up with letters. Can I remove dla.exe and the dla dir from my system dir with impunity? Any help greatly appreciated. FWIW, my config data: I'm running XP Pro SP2 on a HT P4 3 Ghz, 2GB memory, NEC DVD+RW, JLMS DVD-ROM. My OS is healthy, my hardware is healthy, drivers and windows updates are current, I rebooted it countless times whiile removing/reinstalling software. I no longer have any CD/DVD-related software installed besides Windows and Roxio, except for the dla stuff which appears to be pinned in the system dir & not affected by uninstalling/reinstalling Roxio. After reinstalling everything, Add/Remove programs lists Roxio's Suite, Content and Drag-to-Disc.
  2. I tried this too. As well as the old standby, rebooting of course. None have made a difference. If the normalize option is checked it crashes as soon as I ask it to burn the CD. If it's not checked, it burns fine. wtf?
  3. Thanks for the quick response Neil. No I'm avoiding IE7 until its mayhem is reduced. I have a 4y/o Dell XPS and without digging through manuals I'll forget some of the model # details but it has a 3.2 GHz HT P4 (Northwood), 2 Gb Ram, ATI Radeon 9800 video, dual LCD monitors, 200 GB IDE hard drive, SCSI DAT drive, JLMS DVD, SB Audigy sound, NEC DVD+RW, OS is XP Pro SP2. Norton Antivirus 2006, using external firewall system not Windows' or other software firewall. Meanwhile I have some version of Nero still installed and I used it to normalize, but that's obviously not ideal. I'll try the hotfix. Edit: installed the hotfix, no change. I get two crash dialogues (Roxio needs to close...) in succession. It won't let me copy the report to the clipboard but it's complaining about roxio_central33, exception codes 96(hex) and 5, then the "home" app hangs and I have to kill it manually. I then have to use another app to eject the blank CD, because Windows won't. (Nero comes through again, beginning to wonder if EMC9 was the wrong purchase )
  4. I don't think I've needed normalization since I got EMC9, until now. If I select this option the program crashes as soon as I ask it to burn the CD. All I can see are messages in the Application Event log like: Faulting application roxio_central33.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x0012f65f. Faulting application roxio_central33.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0xe8f18b56. The same project burns fine if "reduce background noise" is checked or if neither is checked; only the normalization option makes it crash. Clues? Advice? Similar experiences?
  5. cab

    MyDVD 9 Hangs on Preview

    I'm sorry to say I cannot successfully preview either. I get farther than I did with MyDVD8, but every time I try to 1) create DVD 2) Add Movie (a 5 minute clip) 3) preview, one or more of the following happens: 1) crashes immediately (All crashes in this context are with the report-to-MS popup on Videowave fault bucket) 2) menu, which I now default to the "Droplet" theme, comes up but flickers badly while audio plays 3) menu comes up but shows no theme, only text on black background. closing the preview crashes. 3) click the movie and sometimes it plays, more often it crashes 4) when the movie does play, trying to go back to the menu crashes, or plays audio and hangs, or plays audio and crashes. The faulting module varies but is either ntdll or wmvdmod. The move clip is an mpeg2 imported from a dvd. Twice I got an actual application popup from Videowave, it said: Runtime error R6025 pure virtual function call Once in about 15 attempts I can preview, go back to the menu then close the preview, though even then the menu is flickering when I start, and all black after watching the movie clip. Not very stable! I deleted every trace of Sonic and Roxio before I installed EMC9. Video drivers and DirectX are up to date.
  6. Will do. [Edit] However I may not get far without knowing some details behind the current and old formats. E.g. the nSamples element in the new format; I think I will need to derive that from the one of the numbers associated with a given track in the old format. Presumably to do with length, but I haven't come up with a conversion yet that will match the numbers I see when I manually duplicate an old project using EMC9. If there's any publically available doc on the .cl5 format I'd love to know about it.
  7. Thanks for the information; that's very clear. It's pretty lousy of Roxio though imo. These are TEXT files it wouldn't have been that hard to support an import function and have backwards compatibility. I have way too many project files saved to do this manually; I'll have to write something that will transform these to the new xml format and try to fake it out.
  8. This question probably applies to EMC8 also, but I didn't see a similar question in that forum, so maybe it's just a newbie thing. I'm trying to recreate CDs that I burned and mailed to someone, thinking I could make my own copies later. They were created with earlier versions of Creator Classic, up to RCLVer=70. EMC9 Creator Classic won't process any of them. When I try, it pops up the minimally informative message "There was an error trying to open the file". I haven't seen anything in the system's event log; will have to scrounge for whatever Roxio logs exist. The .rcl files look OK to me, and the files they reference still exist in the specified folders. These .rcl files were actually created for audio CDs so either the .dmsa type projects didn't exist then or I didn't know about them. What I want is the track sequence/files/CD text I entered before, without having to spend hours recreating this manually. Is there no way to import this information into the music disc creator, or at least into the current version of creator classic??
  9. Thanks, but this didn't help the sound import. I think that problem would be solved by EMC8. The video import is still not working. Tried the advanced-text-functions fix and the audio-cd-first fix. Submitted another support ticket aug 22, no reply yet. I see they hid the chat option under the paid support button, so I'll try that on Monday. About ready to request a refund, this is no use to me so far. Appreciate the suggestions here.
  10. Thanks for your response, and yes Essentials is all I have. However before I consider upgrading I have to solve the import problem, else there's little point in buying any version. I updated the engine and updated firmware in two drives, and all other steps suggested by support and there is no difference. When I select the drive it promptly de-selects it. I also tried a newer, Memorex USB drive and it did the same thing, so that's 3 drives it can't import from. (LiteOn, NEC and Memorex). Seems like I'm running out of options.
  11. I d/l MyDVD the other night, thinking it was all I needed to burn Tivo to DVD and to re-burn a DVD that currently plays only on pcs. While I'm waiting to see if support will answer my ticket, thought I'd try here. My experience so far has not been positive. The program is incredibly slow and tends to freeze if I try to preview DVDs. I updated my drivers and this made no difference. Anything else to try? Changing a menu button's thumbnail by selecting video requires choosing a frame that's about 30 seconds ahead of the frame I actually want displayed. ? When I select any drive with video on it, it acts like there's nothing on it to import. Why? It won't import video from either of my DVD drives, including a DVD it burned on the drive it used. (and the DVD plays) My problematic DVD, created by a commercial service gone in the wind, plays on pcs only. So after failing to import I copied the VOB files and renamed them to MPG, and tried Add Movie. Now the message it gives me is that the audio is AC3 and that is not supported, please see "the Home Page" for upgrade information. Which product does support this? There's no direct web link I can find; I've looked at sonic and roxio sites and product feature comparisons and tried searching for AC3 on the forums and I'm having no luck. I'm not interested in spending more money for MyDVD Premier if I should be buying EMC (whichever version). Or giving up and trying for a refund. And as long as I'm asking... I keep seeing references to VideoWave vs MyDVD. I have no app called VideoWave but when I run MyDVD, VideoWave is executing. I know because I've had to kill it more than once when the program freezes. Is this packaged as a separate utility under EMC8, or what? And how many days before Roxio is likely to respond to a web-submitted support question? Anyone got answers to any of these? My config btw is a Dell box w/ P4 3.2G running XPSp2, 2 GB ram, ATI Radeon 9800, whose drivers I updated yesterday, not that it made any difference. Thanks in advance for any help