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    Videowave 7 Won't Render Video

    Interesting, I have I8 and WMP 11...so that is probably the issue...is the only way around it to roll back? Because that seems like the kind of thing Roxio would want to release a patch for IMO...It worked on my other PC which had IE8...but I'm not sure about what version of WMP I had...may have been 10...
  2. When I press "Render Now" and it says "Rendering Video", it sets for 10 minutes or more with no movement of any kind. Then it just goes back to the screen before the "Render Now" button where you name the video. There is no error message of any sort, it just acts like nothing happened. Its on a totally fresh install of Windows XP. Thank you System Specs: Windows XP Home ATI Athlon64 X2 4200+ 2.2 Ghz Dual Core Nvidia GeForce 6200 with TurboCash (256 MB)Driver Version 270.61 1 GB RAM