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  1. Does Creator do a better job at converting LPs or should I just buy Music Lab 10 or Easy LP? Creator has a lot more features such as sound editing but I don't see me using them.
  2. I can work with either my laptop or my desktop but the laptop is more convenient to relocate beside the stereo. Either way, I have a Soundblaster X51 Surround Pro USB audio card to supplement the onboard sound both units have. The price difference in my market is worth worrying about. Best prices I can find are: Creator at $169, Easy LP at $80 and Music Lab at $40.
  3. I want the best quality in sound capture I can get from an LP plus the best outcome in noise cleanup (hiss-crackle-pop). Is the sound capture and cleanup engine the same in all products with just some extra features added in as you pay more?