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  1. I just downloaded Creator NXT 2 to replace NXT 2013 and now I receive an error I've never seen before when downloading track info through Gracenote. The first two tracks download properly, but all the remaining tracks return a "NO Match". This error happens every time. Any suggestions? It's very frustrating to enter all the missing information manually.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Brendon. I have always used Gracenote with all the versions of Creator & don't know how to change the search service to another provider. Second, Creator NXT did not have this problem. It is brand new with NXT 2. Third, I tend to think it is a Roxio problem because I can download Gracenote info fine as long as I only select two tracks at a time. Here is my workflow: A. Rip CD to C:/My Music using mp3 decoder at 320k B. Use Roxio Edit Audio Tags with checkmarks for "Use MusicID tags", "Music ID" & Embed or replace tags inside audio files C. Gracenote logo pops up in upper left hand corner, but identifies only the first two tracks. All the remaining tracks are "No Match" I hope this helps clarify my trouble.
  3. After experimenting with the "No Match" errors by selecting two tracks at a time, Gracenote returns the correct info. So, Roxio needs to fix the bug that restricts download track info to only two tracks at a time.