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    Beerman Thanks for keeping up with me, i have a nvidia ge force 3 is that ok? Thanks ill try that.
  2. Billy Boy


    Thanks It worked fine on 2000 pro. How do i find what kind of video card i have and What do you think i should do? Thanks and have a Moose Head on me
  3. Billy Boy


    Beerman Dell Pentium 4 cpu 1300 mhz 256 MB ram It ran fine when i had 2000 Pro Will try to contact roxio Thanks
  4. Billy Boy


    Beerman It goes all through the install prosses and at the end when the finish button comes up it says. The wizard was interruped before EMC8 could be installed.
  5. Billy Boy


    Beerman Thanks for answering. I have the CD from roxio, I had it installed on my Windows pro 2000 but my drive had to be cleared so i changed to XP Pro. I love EMC8 and would like to see it back.
  6. Billy Boy


    I have xp pro can not install EMC 8 Message at the end reads The was wizard interruped before EMC 8 could be installed any HELP Thank you