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    Editing - Adding B Roll Video Over Native Audio

    Vixeod, I hope this helps. I realize it's been some time since this was written but, I just came on board. Any way, I hope this helps, who knows you might have figured this out by now, if not, here goes. Go into SHOW MEDIA SELECTOR. Then go into MY VIDEO find the video footage you're working on and RIGHT CLICK. It should say EXTRACT AUDIO... Don't Forget to go to FILE NAME: and name it. Now you should be able to move it to the Music Track or what ever track you want. Hope this helps. "Jersey Boy"
  2. "Jersey Boy"

    Slow Moving Text

    Thank You. I'll give it a try. Thanx again.
  3. "Jersey Boy"

    Slow Moving Text

    I have Roxio Creator 2011 Pro. How can I make my text move very, very, VERY slowly, from any direction? Second, if I want to play my video in reverse, how can I do that or can it be done? Jersey Boy