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    Sense Key=Medium Error? Please Help With This?

    I am actually using .avi files and there doesn't seem to be options available to strip out an audio track. I looked at the "AU Filter" but it didn't have anything that looked relevant to me--I think it was menu sound effects, etc. Will converting these puppies the mpeg2 help? It's really disconcerting to listen to Hedy Lamarr speak English and Spanish simultaneously
  2. smeeple

    Sense Key=Medium Error? Please Help With This?

    It WAS the particular disc! Not the brand, as I have gone about halfway through a spindle of about 100 w/o any problems, so I didn't think it could be the media at first. There was just an almost imperceptible mark at the beginning. Nice call! If I may press you (and my luck) further, is there a way in Toast to delete one of two audio tracks? I've got a great old Film Noir w/ English and Spanish tracks. I can watch it correctly (for me) w/ VLC, but don't know if I can delete it permanently to burn it. I have kinda the same issue with burning a movie WITH the .srt file (i.e, include English subs for a foreign movie. Do you have any ideas or directions? Thanks so much. BTW, there's a guy in Portland who has a gorgeous 3000 (red and cream). I drool every time I see it,
  3. Can anyone help with this? A brand new error popped up after trying to burn .avi files I have never had or heard of this vefore and don't know how to read/fix it. It is: The drive reported an error: Sense key=MEDIUM ERROR (their caps) Sense Code=0x73, 0x03 There is nothing new about the files or recording media? Does anybody have any info or could maybe point me in the right direction? Thanks so much. P.S. This has happened w/ both 11.0.0 as well as the newly updated 11.0.2
  4. smeeple

    .avi Crashes Toast 11

    Thanks a lot for the tip, I think I'll do that. So the "update" is the entire app, not just some updated files? BTW, beautiful car, is it a 3000 or one of the 100's? I used to have a bugeye w/ a '72 1250cc MGB engine in it. It was constantly breaking down, but when it was in shape, it was the most fn I've had sitting (as opposed to lying underneath it covered in grease )
  5. smeeple

    .avi Crashes Toast 11

    P.P.S., Yes, I had the up to date v. of Perian, but reinstalled it just to make sure. Would love to know what happenend so I won't be such a newb next time.
  6. smeeple

    .avi Crashes Toast 11

    Hi, Thank you so much! I studiously went through and deleted everything pertaining to Roxio Toast (absolutely AMAZing where they hides ^#!&) reinstalled (again). I started getting error messages about .kext files, so I went to: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php? and dl'd Kext Utility.app and ran it. Rebooted and then got a message that there was no burner--check the cables, etc.--which is funny as I have an iMac. Ran the Kext Utility again for good measure (no idea if that had anything to do w/ it or not), rebooted, and Viola! In answer to your question, I am running 11.0 and am quite frankly reticent to poke the bear since it is running perfectly now (knock wood). Also, I know it wasn't the file type as I had just burned the exact same .avi to disk earlier in the day and I used that same one to test it. The only things I can think of were I ran DriveGenius to get rid of PPC binaries and unused localizations, and I also disabled the APE for another application. This was 10 hours of my life I won't get back, but, again, thanks for your help!
  7. smeeple

    .avi Crashes Toast 11

    Hi-- As soon as I drop in an,avi file to burn to DVD, Toast 11 immediately crashes with not even the usual crash report. This has just started after burning many old "Noirs" to disk. Also, when i start it up, it behaves as if it the first time, asking for license again, installation options, etc. I did manage to burn a data disk, but any audio or video crashes it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled now about 4 times. Is there some file somewhere that is not affected by the uninstall procedure? I have used both appzapper and cleanmymac. Please, please, please help! This is really frustrating!