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    Roxio 2011 Sound Editor

    Thanks for the quick reply! I know that you can move the clips anywhere you want, but the problem is they don't go inbetween the tracks they bunch up in spots. My husband puts the music on from his 2 four hundred cd players that runs through his receiver to the computer. The reason I need to put in the tracks myself is that some times he makes a mistake & will have to start that track over so I have to eliminate any of the mistakes before I can seperate & save the tracks. When we were using Roxio 7.5 I had no trouble with this problem but I updated his computer from XP to Windows 7 and Roxio 7.5 won't work on 7. But I will try your answer, Thanks, Geri
  2. geriander

    Roxio 2011 Sound Editor

    when I'm putting tracks on sound editor it is automatically putting track breaks and not in the right place. how do I get it to stop doing that so I can put in the breaks myself?