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  1. On a burned DVD, some music that I use in Photoshow 5 starts to fade about half way through the track- so much that you want to turn up the volume but then the next track is too loud. HELP! I love this product but this is frustrating.
  2. tomo135

    Some Music Fades Near End Of Play

    Well the problem might be solved. I compared some of the settings of another show that I made that had NO problems with my latest show with fading music. I adjusted the setting of the latest show having problems to the non problematic show. It SEEMS like a setting, one effect you can apply called pan and zoom causes this to happen. I say seems because I have only tried correcting it once without changing music details too much. I will be certainly troubleshooting this MUCH MORE but the problem may have been caused by something simple. A DVD that I had trouble with several days ago has now been burned with no problems with fading music. If this is a fluke, I will be back with more questions. Until then, fingers crossed and thanks for the support! Tom
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    Some Music Fades Near End Of Play

    Well I didn't go so far as to burn another copy of the show with the newly formatted tracks from VLC (or freerip). I'll have to try that. I did defrag the hard disk as well. More to try brfore I have more answers for you.
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    Some Music Fades Near End Of Play

    I downloaded VLC and tried two different versions of the same song like you sugessted- one imported from a CD and one from the Internet. One had a sampling rate of 128 and one of 160- is one better than the other? What significance is the sampling- variable or fixed?
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    Some Music Fades Near End Of Play

    I'll check into some of these recommendations and get back on later.
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    Some Music Fades Near End Of Play

    A burned DVD containd a completed photoshow containing pictures and music. 1. I have used memorex and maxell and gotten mixed results. 2. The photoshow program has a dvd burn option so I use that. Some shows fine others not- its weird (and inconsistent). 3. I make sure the DVD burn is the ONLY thing running at the time- on a second computer not even connected to any network. 4. I have used music from several different sources but program only allows mp3 formatted songs so I import them into iTunes to convert them if they aren't already in that format. Thanks for the help.