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    No Drive Detected

    Thanks cdanteek. That worked. I had already downloaded and run it, but I must have missed a step, because it didn't work before. Thanks again!!
  2. n2gzs

    No Drive Detected

    It simply says no drive detected. I was trying to burn PowerPoint presentations, mpg's and wmv's to it.
  3. n2gzs

    No Drive Detected

    Yes Windows sees the device. I have been able to burn CD's using Windows explorer.
  4. n2gzs

    No Drive Detected

    I'm running Creator Business v10.3.52.15. Using Windows 7 on a 64 bit machine with an Intel Xeon X5650@2.67 Ghz. Roxio is telling there is no device detected. I looked at some of the previous questions, and I downloaded and installed the pxengine4_18_16a. After the reboot there's still no drive detected. The drive I have is an HP DVD RW AD-7251H5. Can you help me get her running? Thanks.