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    Hdmi Setup Question

    Thanks for the replies. It's a shame that I can't just get a USB power adapter and power it that way.
  2. d0m101

    Hdmi Setup Question

    Hi, I have a quick question regarding an HDMI setup. Previously we have had the game cap hooked up via component cables and that was fine, however recently we have attempted to use a HDMI setup. What I noticed was that the game cap works fine without being plugged into the PC via USB, but with HDMI if the device isn't plugged into a computer then you simply can't get a signal. Why is this? Does HDMI require some power? If so why can you simply not get power from something else other than a PC? The laptop we use to record isn't always next to the Xbox and without it nothing can be displayed on the TV. Is there something I am missing or is there anything I can do? Thanks
  3. d0m101

    Color Distorted

    No problem, I need to order another one soon aswell.
  4. d0m101

    Color Distorted

    You mean sort of like this? http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/74857-bad-colour-on-tv/ If you have made sure it is all connected correctly, you may have a faulty unit like I did. I had to return mine and got a refund.
  5. d0m101

    Bad Colour On Tv

    Thanks for replying, I am going to send it off tomorrow. I would have exchanged it for a new unit, however they said it would be dispatched between 4 to 6 weeks, which is way too long, so I got a refund. When they get more in stock I might give it another go.
  6. d0m101

    Bad Colour On Tv

    I put it down to a faulty unit and organised a return, I am very disappointed and annoyed. I got a good deal on it so if it comes back in stock I might give it another try.
  7. Hi, I just got my Roxio game cap, so I went and set it up, but it does not seem to be working properly. As far as I can tell, the red(Pr) componenet cable is not working at all, therefore giving me a off colour image. There is nothing wrong with my TV or console wires, as they both work without the game cap plugged in. It does this with both my PS3 and xbox 360. The image I get on screen is below. I have a feeling I got a bad unit, which is very annoying and not what I expect from Roxio. If anyone could help me out, I would be greatful. Thanks