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  1. I want to capture my son's HS graduation video and tried using this software (ver 1,6,676) for the 1st time. I do not have a DVD burner(just a player) so I can't tell if it's just a playback issue. Equipment: PC - Dell Pentium4 2.53G, 2G RAM,60G hard drive, XP service pack3, ATI Radeon 9000 pro all-in-wonder video card, ATI composite/svideo capture device. M/S Sound Recorder 5.1 - Creative SB Live Series Camera - Sony analog/mono(not stereo) Hi-8 camcorder, black/yellow composite cable (with one audio plug not 2) Settings - PC (M/S Sound Recorder 5.1 - Creative SB Live Series) PLAYBACK CONTROL not muted, RECORD CONTROL - Line In selected, Videowave composite cable input selected. File is saved as a .wmv file Naturally DELL defers it to ROXIO who no longer supports this LEGACY product. Any gurus input is very welcomed and much appreciated
  2. After 5 days of trial and error I discovered that my audio input jack(black) was plugged into the black audio jack. I was able to stream audio from radio stations and hear CD playback so I ASSumed it was connected correctly.....however! When I moved the audio jack to the blue input(line in) wallah! yes it works! now I just need to edit the capture!!