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    Mydvd Chapter Just Hangs...and Hangs....

    It is a Blu-Ray rip, so it is an .MKV (x264) file and came from my collection of Japanese movies. *EDIT* And it is 5.25GB a little over an hour and a half.
  2. I am attempting to create a Blu-Ray off a 5.2GB file that I import into MyDVD. It imports successfully, but when I click on the Edit Chapters, the Chapter Window pops up and it just hangs indefinitely...even getting to Windows saying Not Responding. I have the file on an external eSATA drive, but I have also tried copying the file to a local partition just to see if it was the eSATA...not the eSATA. I have also tried running the program as an Administrator, but that didnt help either. I am running Windows 7 Pro, all updates, 3.2Ghz, 8GB RAM, nVidia GeForce GTS 250. Any ideas?? I am at a complete loss as to how in the hell I am supposed to make this $100 program work! I have YET to burn a SINGLE BLU-RAY......
  3. Donnie Narco

    Blu-Ray File Size Problems

    I am trying to make a Blu-Ray disc composed of video files from my camera, making a disc with menus and such to watch in my PS3. The file sizes are 740MB, but when I chose Add New Movie into MyDVD, the file size on the disk jumps to like 5GB?!?!? Why is the file size changing so much? I have all the settings set to Same As Original, but yet the 25GB disc gets full before I ever get all my movies put on it. Am I doing something wrong here? I just want to be able to put 11 740MB movies on one 25GB Disc and have a menu that people can use to access which file they want to watch. Please help me, I read through some of the forums, but I didnt see users having the exact problem. I apologize if this is already out there and I didn't find it. Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit 600GB 7200RPM internal 1TB eSATA external Lite-On iHBS212 12x Blu-Ray Burner 6GB RAM Thanks.