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  1. Ok.... Using emc 8 to read a working DVD disc creates 3 x img files on my HDD. Using ImgBurn option "Files / Folders to Disc" writes AOK to a +R & result plays in Toshiba. Manual jump chapters, play etc all OK. Just to clarify... I have never used emc 8 to write playable DVDs as such - only the "Drag to Disc" part of emc 8 (which, as I say used to work) I had problems with emc 8 making slide shows etc which is why I upgraded to RC2009 - which does not (to my knowledge) have a drag to disc function? Hence I had left emc 8 on the system purely for the "Drag to Disc" part & using it to make playable DVDs & of course this left me disappointed when it stopped working.... (also great for making mp3 & audio CDs) Thanks....
  2. Thanks for that, here goes... OK..... I have burned both a +RW and a +R in RC2009 & both work on the Toshiba, however.... This method looses the chapter markings so the only ways to move thru' the disc are fast forward or to actually play it. Also this leaves some un-answered questions... 1) Why does the emc8 D2D Icon appear to recognize that I'm trying to make a DVD & offer to organize the files accordingly if it's not supposed to work? 2) Why did it work before & NOT now? (I'm talking several years of success on many discs - not just 1 or 2) i.e. it was always repeatable 3) How come a +RW created this way will play & chapter jump on command BUT not with a +R? Strange is it not? Just trying to understand what may / could have happened..... Thanks
  3. Laptop & PC both on XP Home. Laptop internal DVD writer. Desktop PC internal & an Ext on USB. Procedure... Copy VHS family video to DVD on Toshiba (aka Funai) all-in-one domestic recorder. Take that newly created +RW (which plays ok BTW) to either the PC OR the laptop. Use DVDFab to get the data onto the HDD. Creates Audio & Video folders. Select the Audio & Video folders from the new folder & drag to the D2D icon. "Organize files into a DVD" Yep, go for it! +RW burns ok & plays on the Toshiba AOK - skip chapters back & forth all AOK. Plays all the way thru.... Burn a +R.... take to Toshiba, starts playing but freezes after a few minutes. If I try to skip forwards BEFORE it freezes the picture freezes AND the displayed time on the machine goes "walk about" i.e. meanders around making little sense, like it's lost it's way :-) I've used this method for ages & used to work fine - so what has changed / what is common to 2 x PCs & 3 x drives? Both running XP, both up to date from MS (could an update cause this?) 3 different manufacturers of the media, 3 different drives, both PCs using EMC8. All discs played back on the Toshiba (why are +RW ok tho?) & of course ME & my method :-) Oh yeah, DVDFab has most likely updated.... (NB - DVD Shrink won't handle the Toshiba's format) Wasted a lot of disks :-( This method use to work fine, so what is going on & how can I move forwards please (a true "fix" would be nice :-) I also have Roxio Creator 2009 but love the ease of creating a playable DVD using Drag To Disc - well at least I used to :-) I'm thinking MS updates, DVDFab changes, laser power fading / wrong? (could be the Toshiba of course, but tried disc on a Sony & also freezes) HELP! Running out of options - frustrated as this used to work...... Thanks, Baz - UK