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    Cineplayer Bd Quit Working

    THANKS ALL FOR YOUR INPUT, but I don't have the time to "F" with it any more. I'll just uninstall the OEM and purchase a full manufactures version and install that. So in the future I'll have the currant updates available
  2. Ramble

    Cineplayer Bd Quit Working

    Went to the Asus web sight and re-downloaded the program. Still no go on running the BR dvd. Now I get the start up screen back just like the one you posted and went to updates and got the same two previously aforementioned updates. One from last year and one from April of this year but the Blu-Ray critical update that shows on your screen isn't there. Tried to post a screen shot for you but that won't work either. I HATE MS!!! Should I Uninstall and just buy a new copy?
  3. Ramble

    Cineplayer Bd Quit Working

    Sorry I ment SP1...
  4. Ramble

    Cineplayer Bd Quit Working

    Hi Again, I got the W7 SP2 from the Microsoft Update site. Yes the laptop recognizes the BR player and is working properly. See that's the problem the Roxio screen that you show wont come up. I keep getting that original hardware not supported error and then it closes. I have the original driver CD from Asus and will try that this morning.
  5. Ramble

    Cineplayer Bd Quit Working

    Hi again, thanks for getting back to me. Bought the two DVD BR at Wallymart, has the first and second movies in it. As for going to Creator the lap top only came with Cineplayer loaded on it, and it was working fine until my original post, NEXT
  6. Ramble

    Cineplayer Bd Quit Working

    Hi there, Cineplayer BD 5.6 worked fine including non 3d Avatar BR on my laptop from the time of purchase in Dec 2010 till I tried to play the Dungeons and Dragons BR DVD. This is the none 3d laptop. I put the DVD in and it wouldn't come up so I went to my computer and tried to bring it up from there and it thinks about it then ejects the DVD. So I opened Cineplayer from the start menu and went to the update area and it said 2 critical updates needed. Only one at at time can be installed. I downloaded and installed the 1st one fine, now when I try to open Cineplayer and install the 2nd Critical update it won't open and I get (The application cannot be launched due to insufficient video resources) click ok and it closes. Been to the Roxio site and no answers. it seems to recognize CDs but not DVD and BR. All Win 7 updates are currant, Any assistance would be much appreciated, Ramble Asus G73jw-Xt1 Win7 Home Pro w/Service Pack 2 8 GB Ram Core i7 Nvidia GForce Gtx460m Cuda 1.5Gb 1 500gb HDD & 1 360gb HDD