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  1. HEY...LONG TIME READER. FIRST TIME POSTER...recently I experienced the wildest night of boys, booze, and sex...sorry wrong forum. When editing a movie, a slideshow or whatever, I frequently find the effects selector is empty; there is no way to add effects, text, overlays or transitions. The only fix i have found is to go thru the control menu -add/remove (change actually in this case) EMC 8.0, add the installation disc when asked....reboot and MAYBE the effects and stuff will be restored. THIS HAPPENS FREQUENTLY...more than 50% of the time. Is this an error others are constantly dealing with? Is there a fix? Thanks in advance if someone has the answer... apologies if this has been addressed and I missed the solution. That said: should I revert to 7.5? Can anyone recommend something that works smoothly and more than 50% of the time? (Customer Service at Roxio-Sonic has been useless...technical advise or otherwise...not complaining as much as observing...curious to know if others feel the same) thanks any and all replys will be welcome...