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  1. Begging your pardon BUT MOST OF YOU GUYS ARE MISSING MY POINT WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE "TIME" ISSUE OF A VIDEO...RATHER THE "SIZE" ISSUE OF THE ISO FILE IN TERMS OF GIGS... I purchased and installed EMC ver 10 se - veral months ago....Installed it...Opened it up...and asked it to burn a 7 gig ISO file that I had ripped from one of my DVD movies, BUT instead of burning it..... it gave me an error message saying NO it would not burn it because it was too large for the 4.7gig DVD-R disk I wanted to use...(In other words it was telling me that as the file was LARGER than 4.7 gigs, it couldn't burn it - and I am not willing to go the DL route...there was no need to with past versions of EMC) You see, version 7.5 would have absolutely allowed me to burn it...by compressing it as part of the burning process and I was very happy with this feature because as I was sitting there watching the movie on my TV in the living room I could NOT see any measurable quality degradation as a result of the compression..obviously there was some compression ... but I never saw it.... So I will say again....this is a serious elimination of a critical feature for me...and the only solution I have found so far is that I must use an XP machine...my LATEST VERSIONS WILL STOP THE BURN PROCESS BEFORE IT CAN START IF IT SEES THAT THE ISO FILE IS LARGER THAN 4.7 GIGS SO YOU ARE SCREWED... WHAT AM I MISSING HERE???? THANKS TO ALL...
  2. Roxio EMC ver 7.5 will compress a very large (5, 6 or 7 gig file) ISO "movie" file and fit it onto a 4.7 gig DVD R disk using Disk Copier....I've done it thousands of times on my XP machine...it becomes a playable DVD disk that will play the movie in any set top or laptop DVD player...obviously it involves some compression...but for most movies you can't tell that anything has been compressed..There must be some software out there that will do this too...but I haven't found it yet...Subsequent versions of EMC dropped this feature to compress and burn....unfortunately... and no I don't want to use DL disks...thanks.
  3. I don't care about time...I have size problems...not time problems....so I dont need to talk about time as you suggest...thanks anyway.
  4. LORD.SABBATH....Prey tell...how does one go about getting this Windows X86 version you mentioned in your first post....that sound encouraging...I do not want to use any other version of EMC....NOR DO I WANT TO CONSIDER ANY OTHER DVD DISKS OTHER THAN THE 4.7Gig DVD-R...so how do you get this X86 version you refer to...thanks a million.... (again, I have lots of 5, 6 and 7 Gig ISO movies on my hard drive that I was using disc copier to burn onto playable DVD-R's using ver. 7.5...I don't want to loose the ability to burn these large ISO files to regular DVD disks... thanks, rob
  5. I love EMC 7.5 - especially the feature when I would have a great big iso file [larger than 4.7 gigs] specifically, a dvd movie rip/conversion to the iso file... Disc Copier ver 7.5 has a feature that allows you to "compress" the ISO file so it will burn to a 4.7 gig DVD-R...(IE it lets you copy "single movie" vs all movies on the iso file....as well as audio tweaks) Correct me if I am wrong, but the newer Windows 7 compatible versions of Roxio Products DON'T allow for this..and I now have Windows 7 computers and am desperately looking for a solution for burning these large iso files onto a 4.7gig DVD.... Or is there another software I could obtain (I'd be glad to pay for one...or get it free)... this is a huge problem for me...not being able to fit these 6 and 7 gig ISO files onto a DVD-R....Disc Creator did this perfectly!!! ANYBODY THAT CAN POINT ME IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION WILL HAVE MY UNDYING APPRECIATION FOR YOUR EFFORTS... Thanks, Rob