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    Toast 11 Can't Add 5.1 Audio File To Separate Picture File Anymore?

    Thanks for your reply. How do I make an M2V file without going through Compressor? Compressor will only make an M2V file for fitting on a regular DVD, so it's around 4 Gigs. I want to make a larger file to take advantage of the blu ray enhanced quality image. My file would be closer to 17 gigs. I haven't found a way to make an M2V file that big. And as you say, it needs to be an M2V file to tell toast to ask for a separate audio file to add to the picture. Hope you can help with a suggestion. Thanks again! Bryan
  2. I am very frustrated and disappointed with Toast 11. I used to use version10 all the time to make blu-ray discs etc. I rarely can get Toast 11 to convert a disc for me. it fails 9 out of 10 times and the conversion number it gives me before it converts is always wrong. It tells me the file will be 600 megs, and instead it converts it to 17 gigs which is way too big. The serious problem I have now is that I can't make blu-ray discs with Toast anymore because unlike Toast 10, there's no option to add separate audio to picture if you have a professional 5.1 audio file you want to marry to the picture. Did Roxio decide to make Toast only for beginners and amateurs who don't have any professional projects? There doesn't seem to be anything on the market now that can burn blu-rays and marry up 5.1 separate audio. Anyone know a workaround? I called the Roxio Toast support line and they told me it's not possible anymore, but there has to be a workaround. I don't know why they would downgrade their software especially since they charge you additional to make blu-rays. Thanks to any one who's a genius and has figured this out. Bryan
  3. I recently bought Toast 11 Titanium and every time I open it now it tells me there's an update. I click to download the update but then when it tries to load it tells me the signature is corrupted and improper? What does that mean, and why won't it let me update -- I paid for a full version of Toast 11 and I should get my money's worth. Anyone have this same problem and know of a solution? I tried contacting Roxio, but no response from them. Even paid the $9 for a support ticket but no reply in a week. Thanks! Bryan
  4. BryanMichael

    I Thought Toast 11 Was Easy To Use?

    I was told Toast 11 is real easy to burn a Blu Ray. I was able to create an orginal Blu ray disc of my film using Toast, but now when I try to make a copy of it -- nothing happens! I put the files into Toast and then it asks me to close the tray, I click on close tray and nothing happens. I close the tray manually and everytime I click the burn button, it still asks me to close the tray even though it's closed. What am I doing wrong? I can't figure it out -- it's much more complicated than I thought. So much for Toast being easy to use! I don't know how else to try and burn a copy --- Please Help! Or maybe Toast CAN'T do Blu Ray copies?