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    Wrong software send

    I don't know what happened, but I looked around this machine and deleted anything and everything associated with One Touch, and tried to install the plugin again, and all is well. Me and Mickeysoft are having fights on this computer right now. Thanks for your time.
  2. MiniMute

    Wrong software send

    I'm not real sure if I'm doing this correctly or not. It might not be the right place even, but here goes. I purchased the Blueray plugin that is supposed to allow the Cineplayer to play Blue Ray discs. I downloaded what the website said but it is not what I oprdered. Instead of the plugin for playing bluerays, I got 'One Touch Vidoe Capture' software instead. Here is the name of the file I downloaded: 'RoxioBlu-rayPlaybackPlug-In_J968CXD0C08.exe'. Can anyone help with this. The email I got back from the automated 'Help' did not help at all. Thanks