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    .qic (Backup) Files: How To Restore In Vista?

    I don't know anybody still running XP who also has BUMP. I appear not to have my copy of the software. A data recovery service wants to charhe me around $300. I'm going to find me a young hacker and offer him $100 for what will probably be half an hour's work.
  2. Once upon a time I had a PC running XP and a popular backup program called BackUp MyPC by Roxio that compressed files for backup in .qic format. I parked these backup files on an external HD but, after an extensive search on the Web, can find no guidance re. how, and with what software, to decode these files. BackUp MyPC no longer exists and legacy copies are incompatible with any OS after Win2000/ME/XP. I've looked into BackOnTrack, which may well contain what's left of BackUp MyPC's method of file compression but before I spend $50 on a program I don't need for anything else, can anyone comment or suggest any reliable method for recovering these files, with or without BackOnTrack? I'll spend the $50 if it'll solve my problem. The .qic files contain many baby photographs of both of my children that will remain inaccessible unless I can sort this out. Thanks.
  3. Bahger

    .qic (Backup) Files: How To Restore In Vista?

    Thanks, Brendon. What a pain. But thanks anyway.