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    Easy install except

    I got the program and did a very very easy install except one thing. It said to plug USB in to the mac and not to a USB hub. It did not work in the direct so I used the hub and it worked fantastic. No problems at all.
  2. riverhoop

    Final Cut Express

    I just ordered VHS to DVD for Mac and its says you can edit in Movie 08 but can it also be done in Final Cut Express or is MOvie 08 /09 the only program it can be used with.
  3. riverhoop

    overlay zoom

    I got it and its exactly what I need THANK YOU
  4. riverhoop

    overlay zoom

    Is there a way to make an overlay zoom ( in Videowave) or do somenthing other then just appear on screen and do nothing
  5. riverhoop

    Split Screen

    I use Videowave in EMC9. What I been doing is doing 4 home movies and a slide show mixed with it all. i been doing editing a lot and soon will put on DVD and see how it looks on TV.
  6. riverhoop

    Split Screen

    I have not tried it yet but is it possible to have a split screen and have 4 different slide shows running at the same time.
  7. riverhoop

    seperate audio from video

    I'm sorry , i guess i am confused. What i want to do is remove audio track from a clip and put in my own music. I was able to extract the audio and us it seperate but the original clip still has the audio connected
  8. riverhoop

    seperate audio from video

    is it possible to seperate audio track from video track in Videowave or another application in EMC9
  9. riverhoop

    Ring Tone Program

    Just got EMC 9 and it installed Ringtone maker. Is it the full version or the trial version. How do I tell and What is the difference ????
  10. riverhoop

    rebate question

    thanks for the info. i checked and they both are the same product at the same starting price $149.99 and the retbates are right. i wonder if roxio is giving more back so the customer goes right to them. a little bribe huh
  11. riverhoop

    rebate question

    what is the difference to buy emc 8 deluxe from Roxio and getting a 50.00 rebate ( and paying shipping charges )and buying it from Compuserve and getting a 30.00 rebate. Is it the same package.
  12. riverhoop

    Whats the difference

    Since I am in the market for a do all suite for video editing and have in the past owned Video wave , my quetsion is what is the difference with EMC8 and the deluxe version besides Dazzler included. Can I get along without the dazzle if all my pics and movies are already on my hard drive???