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  1. Hi, I tried your instructions using a DVD-R and the DVD it created CAN be played on both the computer and my TV DVD player...Thanks. Sorry it was such a problem but I suspect you "wrestle" with them everyday. pd.
  2. I will try a DVD-R and see if it works; will let you know ASAP. Thanks.
  3. It is a Sony model: BDP-S360 Blue-Ray Disc Player attached to a Samsung Model LN-4069F TV connected to Direct-TV.
  4. Yes, that is the only DVD/CD-ROM drive listed. There are disc driver, display adapters, Human Interface Devices, IDE ATA/ATAAPI controllers, Imaging Devices, etc...but that is the only DVD/CD-ROM drive I find; the computer only has one DVD/CD ROM drive. If it is on any consequence, the DVD that was burned works fine on both my desktop and laptop computers, but not on the TV DVD player. Thanks.
  5. Thx... I opened the Device Manager and this is what I found for: DVD/CD-ROM drives - hp DVD A DH16AAL SCSI cdRom Device If it is of any concern, when I was going through the burn process, this is the sequence and results: Open Project...proceeded quickly Encoding movie (1 of 2)...proceeded slowly, giving percentage as it burned and moved to Encode Menus...was at 97%...didn't take too long Record Menu....Still 97%...didn't take too long, and then moved to Complete...Was at 97%....and took FOREVER.....maybe 10+ minutes, then ejected disc and registered 100% If you need additional information, please let me know.
  6. Hi, Thanks for your quick reply and guidance.....however, I followed your direction precisely and ended up with a DVD that plays to show picturers, captions, and audio on my computer's DVD player, but NOT on my TV DVD player. When I try to play it on my TV DVD player I get the message : "Cannot play back this disc." Any idea as to what I did wrong, or did not do? I used a DVD+RW disc, could that be the problem? Would appreciate any additional guidance.....thanks again. pd.
  7. Hi, My computer uses Windows 7 and I am using Roxio2011. I used Roxio MyDVD to create a movie project. I added photos and then edited to add captions to the pictures using production editor (storyline) and finally added background audio (same screen). I saved the video; the product was a DMSD file, which when copied to a disc plays fine on my computer. However, what I want to do is copy the DMSD file or maybe convert the DMSD file so I can put it on a DVD that is playable on my TV DVD player. I have not been able to figure out how to do this.....please help. Thanks, pd.