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    The Problem With Toast

    T, I did the disc image trick and it went well. but on second disc I got this: see 2 screenshots. I used to use an external DVD burner from Lacie, but it broke, and I've been using the Mac DVD burner. The computer is just a few years old, not a lot of wear on the burner. But who knows what it is right?
  2. kevs

    The Problem With Toast

    I test another folder, and it burnt fine. Then I tried folder had the issue with and it finally did ok. So have no idea what the huge issue was. But when you have a client here and the just dont complete with errors, real annyoying? Any ideas on this Toast instability? or it's the drive?
  3. kevs

    The Problem With Toast

    thanks T, actually is Toast 8. I'll report back. I'm on a 27" imac, and have been burning DVD with it fine since I have it. But ejecting disc, getting now is an issue. Let me test a bit.... What is the deal with email verification, really a problem on these forums, can't figure out that one.
  4. kevs

    The Problem With Toast

    It happens when verifying 3x with an error, something about write sector, but just happened on test this morning with just writing. Usually I get an Error when verifying, but today, no error on the writing which would not finish today. To be honest T, I'm still on version 7. Never seen a reason to upgrade. Would this solve issue by upgrading to 11? I've burned hundreds without issue before. (I don't post in 7 because you don't seem to visit that area!)
  5. kevs

    The Problem With Toast

    T, sorry, the email notification on this forum is defult to not get notifications. What do you mean, "Image File setting in the Copy window" I just always use Data: mac and PC. Do think it would be the DVD brand? I doubt it. I use Verbatims, never had a problem before. thanks!
  6. kevs

    The Problem With Toast

    I'm burning a DVD 3.5 GB, continually getting a " sector 444704 is unreadable" Just can't win. Any ideas? thanks, Have a client hear and we are in tears.
  7. When I burn a folder of images everything goes smooth. If I drag in 150 seperate images, Toast freezes,up and has issues. What's that about? thanks.
  8. kevs

    Can't Get Dvd To Eject

    I'm on 27" imac. Was burning DVD in Toast. would not finish. Did reboot, wont eject. Says the tray is open. Lost. thanks.
  9. kevs

    What Is .m4V?

    I used a software, Ripit, on a DVD. Usually I'm used to getting a TS file. I chose this time to compress and rip, (instead of going through popcorn) This time it gave me a huge 6gb DVD media player document, and also a small .m4v which is 2GB so I'm totally confused. And the .m4v says protected which defeats the purpose of the software. What are these files? How would one deal with them with Toast. thanks! PS When did toast 11 come out? and when is Toast 12 projected to come out. thanks.