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    Burning Sd And Data On Same Disc

    Is the feature of burning an SD DVD with data files on the same disc unique to Toast? Does anyone else do this?
  2. CNTech

    Multithreaded Encoding

    We use Toast every day to burn discs. The biggest feature we use in Toast is we are able to burn a standard SD DVD and also include the HD video files on the same disc! What I cannot stand is the encoding time is takes to make the mpg/VOB files to burn on the disc. As far as I know, because Toast is still a 32bit application, it is unable to take advantage of our current multicore CPUs computers. We even went as far to encode the VOB files outside Toast. Using a FCPX / Compressor multi-step process to encode our files about 35% faster than Toast can. We drop the MP4 files into one timeline in FCPx, export them to one MP4 file without conversions. Then drop the MP4 in Compressor to make two separate audio AIF and video VOB. We configured Toast to not encode videos just burn files. THEN we drop those two files into Toast to burn the SD DVD along with the original HD files without encoding. This has brought up another host of problems with using Compressor and FCPX. We have to clear the program cashe on a consistent basis. Anyone know if Toast will be rewriting there application to 64 bit to take advantage of our current Multicore computer specs???? It would certainly make all our work flows much, much easier.