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    Sync Audio With Gameplay

    The problem i have with it is that when i live stream the commentary and the gameplay don't sync
  2. I just received the HD Pro today and the recording preview is 2 seconds behind what is happening on the tv. Pc specs OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows (Service Pack 1) CPU TYPE: AMD Athlon II X4 645 Processor CPU SPEED: 3.12 GHz SYSTEM MEMORY: 4 GB VIDEO CARD MODEL: ATI Radeon HD 5570 VIDEO CARD MEMORY: 2.74 GB VIDEO CARD DRIVER: aticfx32.dll DESKTOP RESOLUTION: 1366x768 HARD DISK SIZE: 913.84 GB HARD DISK FREE SPACE: 640.35 GB (70%) DOWNLOAD SPEED: 2.49 MB/s (20.9 mbps)
  3. When i try to launch the roxio game capture an error pops up saying "The certificate file is missing or has been corrupted. Please re-install it." help please
  4. Jyoustin

    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    i get a error message saying ICCompressGetFormatSize now
  5. Jyoustin

    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    how do you get this quality Edited to get reply out of the quote.
  6. Jyoustin

    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    is their a way to increase the quality cause the original caps in 720x480 (sorry im a noob)
  7. Jyoustin

    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    i love it but is their anyway to remove the overlay? XD
  8. for me the only choices are the line(Roxio GAMECAP)and Microphone realtek high definition please help
  9. when i put a file in the preview is black and white with lines going through it
  10. Jyoustin

    2 Questions

    How long does shipping usually take and and is the device powered by your PC?
  11. Jyoustin

    Do My Computer Specs Stand A Chance

    My PC manufacturer is Hewlett Packard Comapany Model CQ5600Y
  12. my specs are -Win7 64 -AMD AThlon II 170u 2.00ghz -2.00GB of Ram Thank you