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    Blu Ray Play And Authoring

    HI...it is supposed to be a Blu Ray burner...on the invoice it says the drive burns cds, dvds and BR as well as plays them, so I would think it would come preinstalled with the capibility of buring blu ray. Roxio tells me I have to talk to Dell. Dell tells me to talk to Roxio. The way of the world. i might just break down and buy the Pro version and be done with it hopefully
  2. Whiskeymovie

    Blu Ray Play And Authoring

    Hi...I am not sure what version I have. It came pre-installed on the computer. All I know is that i purposefuly purchased the blu ray burner so I could burn blu rays and I did not know I would have to pay extra to be able to burn them, and now I can't because it won't let me download the software. It is just very frustrating.
  3. Whiskeymovie

    Blu Ray Play And Authoring

    HI,,,,thanks for the response....I bought the Dell XPS 17 and it came with Roxio Creator 2011 with it. I have a Blu Ray player/ burner with it....I bought the plug in to play Blu Rays and that works fine, and then I purchased the plug in for burning Blu Rays and it starts to install and then says "set up cannot find a valid version of this software to upgrade." That is what is throwing me off. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Will
  4. Whiskeymovie

    Blu Ray Play And Authoring

    When I fist got my XPS yesterday, I put in a Blu Ray and it played, now it will not play. I bought the plugin to "author" blu rays and I got an error message saying that it can't find the previous version to download it to. Does anyone know if you get like a freebie to watch then have to purchase and why won't the blur ray plug in download? any help would be hot. Thanks.