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    How To Enable Quick Sync?

    well according to intel, its build onto the processor. It essentially uses Intel HD3000 graphics and the converting speed is 18x faster than with a dedicated graphics card. i think there was a demo in which quick sync converted a video in 20 secs while it took GT560 Ti about 5 mins. Anyways, the intel site says roxio creator supports it from http://www.intel.com/technology/quicksync/index.htm however nothing about how to enable it. So here I am... stuck.... Appreciate any help in getting this darn thing to work. Youtube awaits!!!
  2. Alucius

    How To Enable Quick Sync?

    quick sync that's build onto intel sandy bridge that allows quick video conversion. Not sure if this run auto on it.
  3. Bought the i7 2600k with Z68 motherboard and wanted to try out the Quick Sync capability. But in roxio 2011, I can't find the switch that enables it. So I'm wondering if it activates automatically. Any input is appreciated.