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    Back On Track From Safe Mode

    Yes, he probably got a job with HP!!!! Anyway, thanks for all your input. I will try to figure out how best to manage the Recovery issues!!! Regards Jim
  2. Jungle Boy

    Back On Track From Safe Mode

    Correct. And I will not be buying HP either....... but my point remains. Roxio think they are attracting customers by doing deals with hardware manufacturers but all they are doing is pissing customers off. Some Roxio sales guy made "Salesman of the Year" on this deal and in two years time Roxio go bust or are taken over by Google or some other corporate behemoth!!! Too many corporations are slaves to the "Quarterly Results" to look forward to the long term consequences of their actions!!!
  3. Jungle Boy

    Back On Track From Safe Mode

    So, in other words, I am a poor sap that has been duped by both HP and Roxio into thinking I am getting some "protection" when in fact I am just as exposed as if BOT was not bundled in the first place. Incidentally, this is just the worst kind of marketing. I have bought Roxio Creator in the past and been happy with it, but now... having been apparently duped.... I will never pay for a Roxio product again. You can fool some of the people some of the time......
  4. Jungle Boy

    Back On Track From Safe Mode

    Checked the HELP again and it says you can save the Back Up to USB but not the Recovery. Pls see attached. I guess my best option is to buy an Optical Drive for my NETBOOk but... back to the original issue :- The software came bundled with my HP Netboook so you would think that it would function well with that. Anyway, I realize nothing is perfect in this world so I will just need to "pony up the bucks" and pay for security!!! Thanks for the input Jim (Jungle Boy) RoxioHelp.doc
  5. Jungle Boy

    Back On Track From Safe Mode

    I did read the documentation but obviously not properly. It talks about creating a recovery Disk but I assumed this was a CD (or DVD) and thought it not applicable to my Netbook that does not have an optical drive. However, the on-line help says you can create the recovery disk on a USB stick but it does not hazard a guess as to what size of stick you might need. Do you have any idea? Obviously the full back up will need at least as much space as on the Netbook drive. Also, I am not sure my Netbook can boot from a USB stick but I will experiment further. Thanks for the excellent input. Jim
  6. Jungle Boy

    Back On Track From Safe Mode

    Was recently "Malwared" by MS Removal Tool which disabled my ability to run any .exe app. Advice from my support group was "Boot in Safe Mode and run System Restore" Perfect, I thought. I will make use of my Roxio Back on Track!! However, when I tried to run Back on Track in Safe Mode, the message comes up "Cannot run Back on Track in Safe Mode" making my back up totally useless. Can anyone think of any reason not to Uninstall Back on Track and return to System Restore?