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  1. Thanks. I've downloaded the update to keep on hand, but actually I solved the issue by trashing the preference file for Toast, then launching the app, and this time it did go through the startup stuff but let me input my admin password and finish installing.
  2. I updated my Toast 11 to 11.1 when the update came out and now if I click on the app to launch it, it goes through the startup rigamarole, asking for my serial number, if it is updated, etc. I fill that in with my version 11 serial number (for some reason the one printed into the box in that window seems to be either an old one or something else) and go to the Next window and it asks if I want to install something that will let Toast burn from the Finder. Fine. But after that the Next or whatever button is greyed out, and there is writing across the bottom of the window to the effect that my admin password is needed for the process to complete..but there is nowhere to input my admin password - no window appears for it. So I am stuck. This is very frustrating as I had no problem installing and running Toast 11 when I first purchased it but am now stymied by the update! Please advise. nina Mac OSX 10.6.8/MBP 13"/8Gb RAM
  3. Ok, thanks for the suggestion.I'm trying it now, but on my MacBook Pro/OSX10.6.7, where I have installed a newly purchased upgrade to Toast 11 (which, being Intel and SL only, I can't install on the older G4). If it works I'll try it on the older Mac with Toast 8.0.5. Yay, it worked. Noticed that it did the multiplexing while making the disk image so only had to burn afterwards. Perhaps separating the two functions helped. One question, if you will. I noticed when I added two videos for burning to one DVD to the main toast window that though the space remaining says 496MB the progress bar is green at the beginning, then turns yellow and is red at the end. I couldn't find any reference to the colours in Toast's Help. This is so both on the original Toast window under Video and on the subsequent one I switched to for Copy, in order to make the disk image. When I hit the Burn button for the disk image I get no warning that the content exceeds the limit of the media - and in fact it burned without a quibble - so what is the colour change trying to tell me?
  4. Toast Titanium 8.0.5 EyeTV 3.4.3 sw/ EyeTV 200 FireWire device Mac G4 MDD dual 1.25GHz/2Gb RAM/OS X 10.5.8 Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D internal superdrive After recording a tv episode using EyeTV to my Mac's hard drive I can usually burn it to DVD by opening Toast directly from the EyeTV interface after choosing the video I want to burn and in the new Toast window, which already shows my tv episode, I choose Burn. Toast then first multiplexes the video, then burns it to DVD. Never had a problem with that, whether with normal DVDs or dual layer DVDs for longer films. EyeTV seems to use some sort of proprietary format for acquiring the video, since a Get Info on a file shows kind as "EyeTV Recording". But when I went to burn three episodes of a miniseries on the same double layer DVD (yes, it fit) I added all three to the Toast window by selecting them in the EyeTV Programs window and hitting the Toast button in the window's menubar which launched Toast with the three episodes in its window, then inserted my new empty dual-layer DVD media, adjusted for optimum quality and hit burn. The multiplexing seemed to go fine, but when it started burning to disk I got a media error...and a coaster. I thought it might be a bad disk so tried several more and lowered burn speed to minimum with same results . I also tried it on a MacBook Pro, thinking it might be the older burner in the G4MDD but got the same error. Normal burning from EyeTV (one video at a time) works fine. Is there a way to burn multiple videos from EyeTV onto the same DVD using Toast? BTW I contacted EyeTV support but since the individual files burn without a problem they said it is a Toast issue, not an EyeTV issue.