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    Backup My PC Disaster set

    That's exactly why I would need those instructions. Not being a Windows system geek I would need guidlines. BTW I did look into help and couldn't come up with those instructions. Thnaks for your reply. John
  2. jdykema

    Backup My PC Disaster set

    I'm using a Dell with XP Home. I've created my Disaster Recovery diskettes and 3 DVD's. It said that I could print out the instructions at the end of the veryifying routine. It did show me a button to click to print the instructions, I clicked it and nothing happend do I clicked Finish, my only other option. Anybody know what I should have done OR how can I print these out? Thanks. John <edited to avoid spam>
  3. Boy, am I glad you posted this one. I've been pulling out my hair (what's left) trying to print the bottom Avery label. The hotfix fixed the problem. whew! You can see my posts about my problem.
  4. jdykema

    Printing probs with top & bottom Avery 8692 labels

    WHOA, I just read the post by bvor "Label creator won't let me choose which label on sheet I want to print on" and then sknis gave a download solution. Wow, that fixed the problem. Boy, do I love this forum bit. John WHOA, I just read the post by bvor "Label creator won't let me choose which label on sheet I want to print on" and then sknis gave a download solution. Wow, that fixed the problem. Boy, do I love this forum bit. John
  5. jdykema

    Printing probs with top & bottom Avery 8692 labels

    Thanks. Good idea. It seems I asked the wrong question under this title. My question for this is the print dialog shows only the top cd label and the bottom one is grayed out. For the life of me I cannot copy and paste to that bottom one. I had a bright idea I thought but you can't rotate the form and print again because it will be 1/4" off then. I'd sure like an idea on this.
  6. Man, I've gone through so much paper already I can't do this anymore. I use the Print/Preferences/Fine tuning and have tried 100s of combinations. Can you tell me how to move the printing left horizontally, is that a negative horizontal ex. -0.25? Or is it a positive 0.25? Same with the verticle adjustment. What number do I use to move the printing UP, positive or a negative number. Can't seem to get a handle on it. My problem seem like I can't hold the alignment. Seems to keep moving. Yup, I've done the calibration routine. Please help, or I'll have to switch to Avery DesignPro software that came with the box. However, I'm committed to sticking with EMC8 because it's so well inclusive. Thanks.
  7. jdykema

    Can't get the layout to fit my Avery form

    Your answer was a bit sketchy but once I clicked on paper type/comercial paper I was able to find the Avery form I use. Cool Thanks much.
  8. I'm using EMC 8 and like the Label Creator but I'm using the Avery label 8931 form for my labels. When I print the label there's no way I can line up the print to my label form. Nor can I find anyplace where I can select a standard form number that's on the store shelves. Any advice would be appreciated. John
  9. jdykema

    CD-R, CD+R, DVD+-R etc

    Thanks, that really helps. John
  10. jdykema

    CD-R, CD+R, DVD+-R etc

    Wow, 4 replies is more than I imagined. Thanks everyone. Now I know that I was not clear in my question. I know the difference between CD's and DVD's. I use them both. What I don't (didn't) know is diff between the - and + versions of each. So, for safety sake I should be buying CD-R's and DVD-R, and CD-RW, and DVD-RW. Do I have this right? Thanks. to all. edited to remove email address - hopefully before google.com got it
  11. jdykema

    CD-R, CD+R, DVD+-R etc

    I'm getting strange sounding answers from sales clerks as to what each format does. Is there someone out there that really knows and can tell me the differences. I'd sure like to know. Thanks. JD
  12. jdykema

    Masking/cutout by color

    I am using EMC 8 and in PhotoSuite I'm trying to improve some photos. For Ex, a grandson's face go too much flash and the other people are fine. I tried to Mask it by color and that seems to work ok too. But, when I go to edit the face by using the Brightness/Contrast and/or Exposure the whole picture is changed. I've also used the invert selection button but the whole pix still changes. I'm pulling my hair out. Another question is How do I get out of the masking feature when I'm done editing the masked part? The masked part stays "high lighted" and the only way I've found is to save the photo and close it.
  13. jdykema

    VideoWave questions

    I'm new to EMC8. Making a movie in VW. If I click on "edit internal tracks or entire production" icon, it toggles the Narration and the Music tracks. Isn't there a way to show the content of all the tracks I'm using, at the same time? Also, after recording a couple narration clips, deleting them, I still hear one playing when I run the movie, but I don't see anything in the narration track. Anybody have an answer? Technical question: If I bring up the Show/hide tracks and click Help, nothing happens. Known bug? Thanks.