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    .mpg Files

    Hi Jim I think I have found the solution. In the Sony PMB program which stores all videos and photos, if you right click on the actual video it gives an option to convert to MPEG-2 and save. This saves the video into my pictures and works fine when imported into edit video. thanks for your help George
  2. gaw1

    .mpg Files

    Hi Jim Thanks for the advice. I downloaded Any Video Converter and converted a .mpg file to mpeg-11(*.mpg) as a trial. I could import to the storyline and it played and could be edited in videowave. However all the windows in the storyline were black (no picture) when the video was sent to output/export, the video would not play in movie maker. It also created 2 files in my documents, a DAT file and a .dmsm file (2 files were previously created with the .mpg file) I tried again and converted to mpeg-1. This time it worked OK but picture quality was very poor and no pictures on the storyline. There are several common Output profile formats in the convertor menu including DVD Video pal*mpg) Customise AVI Movie(*.avi,Customise WMV movie(*.wmv) etc., Can you recommend the one to use. Is there a reason why Roxio have problems with .mpg files as Nero, Movie maker and CS4 do not have a problem with these files? Thanks George
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    .mpg Files

    I am new to Roxio and installed Creator 2011. I made a video with a Sony DCR-SR190E camcorder bought in the UK. The camcorder recording format is MPEG2-PS and downloaded it using Creator 2001. When I tried to edit in Videowave first there was no sound on the 1st two clips after using output. Also the picture quality was poor, added to this the images on the storyline all faded. I contacted Roxio and they asked I checked the file format which was .mpg. Roxio then informed me that Roxio Creator 2011 does not support .mpg files. They further suggested that I refer the link to know the supported files in Creator 2011 and suggested I try with those files and check if the issue persists. Question is can the .mpg be converted to a format Roxio Creator 2011 can accept and if so how do I do it.