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  1. Thanks for your response. I use a Sony CX106E digital video camera with memory stick media. I do download the video to a folder on my computer. I play the video from this folder and it is in sync. I play the video in Video Wave and it is in sync. The lag always starts from the beginning of the image file or disc. If I split the video file into two and burn each half onto 2 discs they are both in sync.
  2. Can anyone tell me if they are able successfully to burn a dual layer video disc using Video Wave and My DVD in Creator NXT. I had the same problem with Creator 2011 so I installed NXT hoping the problem had been solved. I have tried all the recommendations, I have also tried an alternative high spec PC . The result is the same. Yes I have used disc images! When the disc is played it is out of sync, gradually after approx 45 - 50 mins the audio video are in sync. I have proved that the same problem exists with the disc image file. I can play the disc image using alternative software. This confirms that problems is not my DVD burners. I really would like a definitive answer to this problem. Please note these are my home videos not games videos. Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Greenacre

    Disc Burning Problem

    Hi, I have found the problem but not the solution. The problem seems to be when I add slides in Slide Show Assistant (step 1). I them add text to several slides using the text facility in ( step 1). this seems to prevent the disc from burning and hangs up. If I do not add any text then the disc burn is successful. I realise I could add the text to the slides before loading them into Slide Show Assistant but the program has this facility and it should work. Any ideas please
  4. Greenacre

    Disc Burning Problem

    Thanks for all your responses. My discs where purchased from Roxio ie not a down load. I will try taking my slide show and remove sound then try it. If still won't burn put zoom and pan back try it etc. to try and eliminate the burn problem. If all this fails then I will try the repair route using my disc. Watch this space!! Thanks again for the help
  5. Greenacre

    Disc Burning Problem

    Having created your slide project and clicked next the output screen appears, click next to burn disc then. Roxio MyDVD-CineMagic (DVD) Screen appears. Select Style etc. Select Burn Button Burn Projrct screen appears Hangs at 62% Note: I have added audio. I have increased slide time to 8sec I have turned off zoom and pan. I ran a preview at each stage and this runs ok. The Cinemagic6 referred to above the 6 is the number of attempts. I have again stared from scratch and the same thing happens
  6. I have just uninstalled Creator 2011 that I used without problems. I installed Creator NXT Pro without problems. However when I came to burn a DVD Roxio MYDVD-Cinemagic6 (DVD hangs with no error message. It is a simple 112MB slide show I want to burn. I press the burn button. the usual small screen appears the open project has a tick, I see each of the slides in the small window. the overall progress bar reaches 62% and then the program stops and hangs without any error message. The disc is not written to so I can use it again. To get out of the program I perform a Cntrl Alt Del then select log off. I have tried several times and always fails at 62%. I have dragged and dropped the slides only into the Roxio burn program and this burns the slides ok. Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you Acer aspire 5750, Intel i5-2410M @ 2.3Ghz, 6GB RAM, 64 Bit O/S Windows 7 Home Premium SP1