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  1. I have been using VideoWave8 with Windows xp Media Center SP2 until just this month. When I try to load a video, the program freezes and/or crashes. Here is the error message: AppName: videowave8.exe AppVer: ModName: videowave8.exe ModVer: Offset: 00045856 I have the error log (attached) if that would be at all helpful. I have tried UNINSTALL Easy Media Center 8 (all apps, all directories, all shared files, all registry entries). I have reinstalled, but there is no change. I have tried a system restore, but none of the recent restore points appear to be working (those made prior to the problem). I have tried uninstalling windows updates to prior to the last date I successfully used VideoWave8 (5/30/11). No luck. I have tried opening an existing file to see if this was isolated to a new file issue. File opens, but video channel is empty. I love this app for (1) compressing videos, (2) cutting videos, and (3) compositing videos. I am not ready to upgrade my system to Windows 7, so I really don't want to buy a newer version; may have to? Let me know if you need further information. I saw another post-er who had fixed a similar issue by reinstalling the OS. I'm not really willing to go there at this point. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Kristi V8Error.txt