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    Audio And Video Slow/fast Motion Help!

    so i finally got no watermarks. ... but i just ran into a problem with the AmarecTV. its pretty much the same thing i started this post with. the video on some parts for a few seconds is very choppy and the audio skips. is there a fix for this?
  2. ryan9988yo

    Audio And Video Slow/fast Motion Help!

    hopefuly that will work. will it be a tut on making the video quality the best? or just how to use virtualdub? BTW what is virtualdub?
  3. ryan9988yo

    Audio And Video Slow/fast Motion Help!

    But the next best thing is the hd pvr. And i cant afford that :/
  4. ryan9988yo

    Audio And Video Slow/fast Motion Help!

    well i hope that works. thanks for the help. one more question. how do i get rid of the watermarks saying AMV on the bottom left hand side of the screen after recording using the alternative method? do i have to pay? EDIT!- i have no clu how to do any of the listed things. im such a noob. but if you could tell me where those things are located or maybe some nice pictures would help. and i would still like to know how to get rid of watermarks. thanks
  5. ryan9988yo

    Audio And Video Slow/fast Motion Help!

    Here's the video from the roxio software: http://s324.photobucket.com/albums/k329/ryan9988yo/?action=view&current=SSHD_00.mp4 Please watch until the end because this is where the error begins.
  6. so ive had my roxio for about a day or two. i installed my software yesterday and plugged in the roxio to everything and everything worked great. i played some Black Ops, and right when i get into the actual game, the recorded video began to lag and the audio started to fade in and out and slow down and speed up. i dont know if this is a computer problem or the roxio. and ive already tried the AmarecTV and its good, no lag at all, but the quality of the video is just horrid. if there is a way to make the quality better on the AmarecTV as well as if there is any way i can get my videos the way they are supposed to, i would like to know ASAP! Thanks for everyone in advance! <3 some specs are: Pentium Dual-Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20GHz 3.00GB or ram installed 64-bit -i have norton internet security (if that matters) -i have 109GB of free space left