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  1. Hello, I am having an issue with DVD Builder freezing while encoding the menu. I am running XP, SP3, Explorer 6, and pretty sure wmp 9 (how to check?). i have uninstalled and reinstalled too many times to count. i have tried to burn as an iso file and was able to do that only once after reinstalling the original 7 program from disc and removing Mozilla firefox. i was forced to burn as iso because after the re-install, all 3 of my dvd drives stopped working. i read on the forum that Napster might be to blame so i removed that but my drives did not return. i was finally able to restore all my drives but only after uninstalling roxio again. while researching why the titles wouldn't play one after the other, i realized i had an update stored on my computer upgrading ver 7.0 to 7.1. with that installed, i saw the option to choose what to do once the first title plays, ie: return to menu, play next title etc. however, after reinstalling roxio (on a totally different drive now thinking i didn't have enough room) i lost all my drives again and the encoding issue pops up again even though burning to iso file. mind you i have been using this program for years (though not so much in the last year or so) with no issues. so i know it will work on my basic system setup. i am at a total loss as to how to proceed now. could this have something to do with AVG software. i am running version 9 and am sure that has been updated since the time before i had no issues. any advice on either of these issues would be greatly appreciated!