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    Annoying Audio On Intro Movie

    Hey - thanks so much - I was wasting time in the Help area and it was just where I didn't look. Much appreciated Digital Guru - your assistance is invaluable! LS
  2. Can anyone tell me how to remove the annoying audio that comes when you burn a DVD in Roxio Creator 2012. It always comes on VERY LOUD (much louder than the actual video) and I would like to find the option to remove it. Thanks so much - LS
  3. Thanks all for your help. I will work with it a bit today and see if I can get this project 'moving along'. Really appreciate the help!
  4. Hi Karri - that worked!!! :-) Thx so much - now one more questrion if I may . . . I have been having the text "fly in" and fade out but I do not want the text in the middle of the photo but just at the bottom. Is there a way to choose this as well so it doesn't 'pause' in the middle of the photo? (Usually someone's face) :-( Thanks again - much appreciated!!!!
  5. Hi Kerri I think I blew it. When I added the text - I do not see any option to Add to Internal TRack of Selected Panel - I just clicked on OK after I selected an option. Is there a way to go back and fix this now? I have exited Roxio and then gone back in but it is not giving me the option now to add to internal track. ??? What now?
  6. Thanks so much - I will give it a try.
  7. I want to make a DVD project whereby I can use the photos from a recent trip to Europe add music to the background AND the biggie is that I want to import text that shows up when the photo first comes into view but then the text fades away leaving only the photo. (As in Paris and then fade leaving just the Eifel Tower for eg) I think Roxio should have this but customer support wont talk to me as I have a Legacy Product (2009) they no longer support and they want me to buy 2011. Any ideas???