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    Alternate Software For Cd Burning

    DVD burner is a bit different than CD burner. New software intends to save the files to your computer hard drive instead of saving it automatically to the CD inserted to your DVD drive. I guess you just have to check the settings of Nero and be sure that it automatically reads your CD before anything else.
  2. warriorfullights

    Lp To Mp3

    I also got the same problem. I can't get any sounds working. I just don't think if it has something to do with my Altec Lansing speaker since I encountered a lot of problems with this before. mine is..... HP Pavilion dv5, Windows 7, Nvidia GPU, 2MB RAM... Thanks in advance.
  3. warriorfullights

    Easy Lp To Mp3

    Try to uninstall and reinstall the whole program. This is somewhat the basic way to fix things every time you encounter error on your computer or on any program where you get some software problem.
  4. warriorfullights


    Maybe you are using an old version of Roxio. I haven't encountered any problem using .mts files on Creator 2011. It works pretty fine since my Canon camcorder produces this type of file.
  5. warriorfullights

    No Video Signal

    Sometimes, problem comes from users end. Probably from wrong set of cords to setting-up the whole program on computer. I have tried using it on desktop? See if it makes a difference.
  6. warriorfullights

    No Video Signal

    You can double check everything and try to read the manual carefully. This is one of the problem users have. They will try to install everything without even reading. The outcome will surely be a disaster.
  7. warriorfullights

    Patch Tuesday

    No wonder a lot of people using either Mac OSX or Windows 7 due to lack of updates made last month. Now I know the exact reason of it. I guess I have to encourage everyone I know to switch to Win7 from now on.
  8. warriorfullights

    Rookits On Windows

    Rootkits are sort of ninja bugs or viruses running in your computer and only few anti-viruses could detect only few rootkits. It sabotages your whole system until it dies. When that happens, you won't be able to do something about it anymore. My Avast detected numbers of rootkit on my drive.
  9. warriorfullights

    I hate to give out information !

    Way to go, sknis. How doesn't hate to give out information especially online right. But if you are in a certain community and you feel like you wish to try the product, then you have to comply with it and be aware that you have to learn to do the rules necessary. I apologize for being intrusive, though. Keep it up.
  10. warriorfullights

    Easy Lp To Mp3

    WHATT??? I just bought Torq m-audio yesterday as well. I didn't know that it will not work. Jeez... I hope I could still return it or exchange it to a different product that I can use. But, I will still set it up later and see how it works.
  11. warriorfullights

    Add Credit To Movie

    You might be using Roxio 2009 for burning movies or transferring video files from other programs, however, you might need other software to work on having credits at the end of the movie. You could try using subtitles for the meantime.
  12. warriorfullights

    How To Created A Dvd That Will Play In My Dvd Player

    I have seen this one tutorial about it on Youtube... http://www [dot] youtube [dot] com/watch?v=3SWSYy-dvew&feature=player_embedded I think this is the one used on the link posted by ogdens. I wasn't able to check it earlier as I am also in a hurry.
  13. warriorfullights

    Popcorn 3 doesn't work

    Hhmmm.. I haven't encountered this problem.. I am using MacBook Air, though. But I guess it has no difference to Pro. Popcorn 3 works perfectly on my end until now. I will posts right away if anything unusual happen.
  14. I haven't used Roxio for converting videos or movies to be playable for iPhone or iPod. What I did is hacked on it and them simply copy and paste movies using a simple VLC player.
  15. warriorfullights

    Popcorn 3 - Have License, But I Lost Installer

    I like the way Roxio uses the word 'Popcorn' to name on one of its product. It is related to videos or watching movies using Roxio's product and services. Nice.