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  1. djskip316i

    No Signal On T.v

    what is the make and model number of the tv
  2. djskip316i

    Blue Tint On My Roxio Game Capture

    Have you contacted roxio support about this , we are only fellow users here , I also had a similar problem to yours (I had red flicker) , And it turned out to be a faulty device , You should try and contact support ASAP and get it replaced.
  3. That headset should work , if connected like the image below , you will probably need a splitter cable like the one shown in the image .
  4. What console are you playing on , PS3 or XBOX360 , If you already have a console headset , what type of headset is it.
  5. What type of headset did he have , was it a usb headset for consoles .
  6. djskip316i

    Is This Possible?

  7. djskip316i

    Not Recording?

    It's Related to his other topic , if u see my last post on it , you can see how hard he looked for the CD-Rom
  8. djskip316i

    Not Recording?

    How Did you get the software to work without the CD
  9. djskip316i

    Playing While Computer Off?

    Yes it will
  10. djskip316i

    Roxio Xbox 360 Quality.

    The video quality passed through to your TV will be very blurry in 720p , 1080i will not be as blurry .
  11. djskip316i

    Roxio Game Capture Software Problem

    Double check the packaging again , the software cd and instruction manual are found in the picture in the link below . http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000007GC
  12. The video passthrough on the roxio is very poor , i have had this problem also for the past 8 months and roxio have sent me 3 replacement game captures all having the same problem .
  13. djskip316i

    Highest Quality Rendering Selection?

    DIVX 720p @60fps is kind of a waste of time as youtube only plays @30fps , DIVX 720p @30FPS is the best quality out of all the roxio options in my opinion .
  14. djskip316i

    Sound Distortion

    Try Recording in AVI and see of that fixes the problem
  15. djskip316i

    Not Recognising Divx Or Avi Files

    I think 3.2 ghz dualcore is better than 1.8 ghz dual core