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    Audiobook Creation

    Hi, I am in the process of using Toast 10 to convert my disc audiobooks to files for my iPod. Some of my books are very long and I cannot do them all in one sitting. If I pop in a disc before I leave for work, I get home ant it is ejected. I put in another disc and nothing happens. When I do this without the gap in time, the process continues without a hitch. What do I need to do to kisckstart the process again? If I click that red button, it will allow me to start the file over, but I want to continue...
  2. emoboy44

    Audiobook Creator Hangs At 80%

    17 disk audiobook, hung up at 51%. Program stopped responding. what am I supposed to do?
  3. emoboy44

    Audiobook Creator Hangs At 80%

    this seems to be working. I have created two audiobooks without a hang. Now I am ready to create a longer book, over 12 hours in total length. It is my understanding that when I use the audiobook creator to send the file to itunes, it will automatically split into seperate files, is this correct? Or is it better to rip 10 disks at a time and send the portion of the book over one by one (the next book is 24 disks, so i would do 8,8, and 8) does this make sense?
  4. emoboy44

    Audiobook Creator Hangs At 80%

    http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000205CR&PARAMS=set-locale=en above link is how I am creating digitized audiobooks. by converting, I mean exporting to itunes. i have 239 GB of space on my C: I rarely reboot, and have no idea about cleaning files. some of the books I am creating are over 20 disks (each disk equals roughly one hour) the program (Roxio Audiobook Creator) tells me that the files have to be more than one file if they are over 12 hours long, and I never see multiple files. am I using the program right?
  5. emoboy44

    Audiobook Creation To Itunes Help

    I am using Creator 2010 PRO, within that I use the audiobook creator. That is the main reason why I bought the software.....Once I have this figured out I have some video questions that are less pressing. As I said, I have no problem manually moving the audiobook files to the NAS, but then I have to redirect Itunes to fine the new location of the book, and its a pain in the rear. I use my NAS for ALL of my digital media.
  6. I have been using this program pretty heavily this weekend converting disk audiobooks to audio files in itunes. Twice now, the program has stopped importing to itunes @ 80% and stopped responding. pretty frustrating. any ideas?
  7. I have a large selection of CD audiobooks. I just bought Roxio Creator Pro 2010. I have used this to create 2 books. I use a Network Attached Storage device to store all of my media. When I rip all of the CDs in my books, it only gives me the options to output to MP3 disk, Playlist, and Itunes. I have my Itunes configured to read from the NAS for all of the media files. How can I create the AAC format, but direct it to a different locations than the standard Itunes location? It works ok the way it works out of the box, but I would hate to have to relocate each file manually after creating it, then deleting it out of the original folder. Hope someone can help.