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    Best Render Settings

    Hi I have recently baught an hdpvr because my RGC stopped working. I want to know the best render settings with the software that was provided with the RGC. I am not worried about hard drive space.
  2. Calum

    Best Render Settings

    Hey i was haveing a great time with the roxio game cap but now it sucks. the audio has way to much bass. this just started happening this week and it sucks. I want to know how to fix this problem. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!!
  3. I just got my roxio game capture today,Yayyyyy right? Not so much. After hooking up the device and installing the software everything was looking good, but then I turned on my xbox and all the colours were weird on my tv. The greens were bluey and the reds were purpley. This is really frustrating because I have been waiting so long for this thing to arrive and now that I have it it won't work properly. Please help.