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  1. cdanteek

    Roxio Disc Encryption

    I don't think an encrypted disc made in 2006 would have been Roxio Secure Burn? What is the name of the Roxio software that made the disc in 2006?
  2. https://www.roxio.com/en/products/easy-vhs-to-dvd/standard/
  3. Suggestion, the older USB capture device came out around 2008 the newer one with rounded sides and fixed connectors, sometime later (EVD 3?) ... The older USB capture device does not work on a Win 7 PC with NXT 3 unless you have remnants from an earlier version. It does work on a Win 7 PC with Creator 2012 and earlier versions... Somewhere along the way, the drivers were changed to the new capture device, if you use W-10 and the new device use NXT3 or above. I would use a W-7 PC with as much horsepower, video card, and fastest hard drive you have, with Creator 2011 Pro or 2012 Pro with the older capture device and capture in AVI. No 12 hour captures.
  4. No one I know does 12 hour captures! You can do what you want and experience the problems you have, write lengthy posts, and post graphs. Perhaps you should invest in professional software instead of consumer software? Good luck...
  5. Using a video calculator that would be 131.84 GB of hard drive space and 12 hours of capture. Have you ever tried 1 hour captures in your dropped frames testing?
  6. cdanteek

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    The product just launched today. No one I know has a version of NXT 7 yet.
  7. cdanteek

    BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    The board says this is your first post so your username is out there for the spambots to harvest and send you all kinds of spam email! I would change it and ask a guru to delete this post.
  8. cdanteek

    computer crashing

    Look at the two screen shots I posted the top one is yours at 15% did you ever let it run and finish at 100%?
  9. cdanteek

    computer crashing

    Your error doesn't show 'What Failed'. Did it show 'What Failed' when it completed and showed 100%? Example below.
  10. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/deployment/client-profile https://microsoft-framework-4-extended.en.lo4d.com/
  11. My W-7 Ultimate and W-8.1 don't show that entry either and booth are updated. I suspect Jim_Hardin is showing his W-10 Windows features and it has 'Net Framework 4 Extended'?
  12. cdanteek

    MP4 camera

    exFAT has been adopted by the SD Card Association as the default file system for SDXC cards larger than 32 GB. http://www.ntfs.com/ntfs_vs_fat.htm
  13. cdanteek

    Exporting splits

    In Videowave add your MPG2 size 7.5 GB use the select object start and stop bottom of screen to the middle point adjust for a good break point. Next click the export as button, say no to save changes, then choose same as original if that's what you want, rename the production and pick a location to save it, click create video file. For the second half add your MPG2 size 7.5 GB use the select object start and stop bottom of screen and do the second half. Never alter your original file and keep it in a safe place! Does that help?
  14. cdanteek

    New version here

    A few years back Roxio dropped the Blu-ray plugin from the PC version Nxt Pro and made it a buy item! I see Toast 17 Pro still includes the Blu-ray plugin.
  15. cdanteek

    ISO Burn Issue

    Clanp, click the link a good read on "Burning SACD iso's to DVD-R's - how is that even possible?"