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  1. cdanteek

    Sound Editor

    Why don't your speakers connect to your line in on the sound card? If they do why is it disabled with a red X?
  2. cdanteek

    Sound Editor

    Could you post a .jpg of that ' Creative Entertainment Console ' I don't have one named that way? I have a ' Creative Console Launcher '?
  3. cdanteek

    Sound Editor

    Highlight 'What U Hear' click the down arrow next to 'Set Default' Set it as the default device. Open Roxio Easy Audio Capture and does it show 'What U Hear' available for capture?
  4. cdanteek

    Sound Editor

    What options do you show under the recording tab?
  5. Yes, disable the webcam.
  6. People have it working in W-10 but I don't. I wouldn't mess with any settings in 'Services'. The language gap between us is a stumbling block. I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions.
  7. 'Other Devices' shows up when you plugin the Roxio USB Capture Device before installing the software. It's a generic windows driver assignment that breaks the Roxio USB Capture Device ability to capture. If you don't have that entry it is a good thing!
  8. If you ever did plugin the Roxio Capture USB device before installing the software, you may have an entry in device manager under 'other devices' (English). Do you show such an entry? If not hook a DVD player up instead of the VCR and see if you get a signal?
  9. What does this show on your PC recording tab?
  10. cdanteek

    Re-Use old Roxio Programs

    I wouldn't, someone or yourself may need an old version to recreate a project sometime in the future.
  11. cdanteek

    video capture usb

    There is no Roxio Software named "video capture usb"! Go to Roxio's main page sign in and see if you registered the 'blank' software and this will all so show you the CD-Key for 'blank' software.
  12. cdanteek

    Easy audio capture problem

    Post a .jpg like I did showing your recording options.
  13. cdanteek

    Easy audio capture problem

    Probably some kind of copy protection? Post a link to the audiobook site and a file you tried to save, we can try it then.
  14. cdanteek

    Extract Audio from a Video

    Load your file as a new project then from storyline or timeline right click on the file you loaded and click extract audio, follow where to save it.