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  1. I'm baffled, as I've been making PhowShow videos for many years and

    downloading them to DVD's.

    I can play my new PhotoShow video online at www.photoshow.com.

    I downloaded the desk top Version 6 a few times.

    When I open the desk top version, none of my music plays in the

    video I made.

    I'm using Windows 7 and IE 11.  And, it is the same problem if I open

    it in Google Chrome.

    All of this wouldn't matter but I cannot make a DVD from the online PhotoShow I

    made. If there's a way to make a DVD from my online video I made, do you know

    how I can?

    What could be the problem causing my music not to play in the desk top version?

    I've tried removing the music and downloading it many times, even changing the

    songs.  Many songs I've had for years and some are new from Amazon Music that

    I paid for...but, that does not matter because no music works; not even the generic

    songs in PhotoShow.

    My apologies if I posted this to the wrong place.

    Thank you.


  2. cdanteek

    Burned DVD, want to edit it now, can I and how?

    What Roxio software are you using, correct name, please? Your post in General Chat can be moved to the correct forum. Most edit the project before burning it to a DVD! Did you save the project in Videowave? If so open Videowave choose the saved project and then edit it and reburn it to a DVD. If not use explorer to save the DVD to your hard drive and open it in Videowave and edit it.
  3. If you followed the late Jim Hardins instructions it should have worked! Post a screenshot of your device manager with the Roxio USB Deice plugged in like this.
  4. cdanteek

    No Video Signal ! ?

    I don't know why you aren't getting a signal.
  5. cdanteek

    No Video Signal ! ?

    To what account? Does it have full admin privileges? 'Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\User Accounts'
  6. cdanteek

    No Video Signal ! ?

    Did you install the software with full administrator privileges?
  7. cdanteek

    No Video Signal ! ?

    Do you have a webcam or other video device installed and running?
  8. cdanteek

    No Video Signal ! ?

    On the VCR your connected to output? Open the software first then start the VCR.
  9. cdanteek

    No Video Signal ! ?

    Yes, I understand that what source are you connected to that you aren't getting a video signal?
  10. cdanteek

    No Video Signal ! ?

    That is the way it is supposed to work. What do you have the capture inputs ( black, red, yellow) connected to?
  11. cdanteek

    No Video Signal ! ?

    Show us a screenshot of device manager with sound video and game controllers expanded. All so other devices if showing.
  12. cdanteek

    Amazon Music

    I don't think you can download it, only stream it with a registered device. Have a read around here, https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GW3PHAUCZM8L7W9L
  13. cdanteek

    Amazon Music

    I pay for Amazon Prime and Prime music is available to Prime members, Amazon Music Unlimited is another pay for service. What platform are you downloading the music to? When you move the downloaded music to a PC and into the Roxio program what happens?
  14. cdanteek

    Roxio burn disc viewer

    When you open the main program interface do you have File,Tools, Help at the top? Under Tools do you have Configure Roxio Burn Desktop App, click on it.
  15. cdanteek

    Roxio burn disc viewer

    What is the name/version of your Roxio software?