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  1. Only one driver with the easycap and it's only audio? If the easy cap doesn't work uninstall/delete it when it's plugged in, in device manager remove the device and reboot the PC. All I know is the old Roxio USB Capture device with the older drivers you show won't work with NXT8 and W10 but try it after removing the easycap driver.
  2. cdanteek

    Yet again, No Signal

    They are the correct drivers for the old device, which will not work with NXT8 & W10.
  3. cdanteek

    Yet again, No Signal

    What you & I show old device and Roxio drivers for it. New Roxio Capture Device and Roxio Drivers for it.
  4. Now do the same with your old Roxio Capture Device? There are no drivers showing for your (EasyCap DC60-008), did you install any? USB2.0 MIC is a microphone.
  5. Plugin your (EasyCap DC60-008) and open device manager. Now expand sound video and game controllers and other devices if you show that, take a .jpg of what it shows and post it here, please? Now do the same with your old Roxio Capture Device?
  6. How did you get it to work half arse? Did you delete uninstall the (EasyCap DC60-008) drivers? Did you install the Roxio Capture Drivers from the " my old Creator 2009 SE "?
  7. I don't see the Roxio Capture Device offered for sale on Roxio's website. Call them and ask if they sell the capture device or do you have to buy Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus software that comes with the capture device?
  8. The (EasyCap DC60-008) is not a Roxio Video Capture device with the correct drivers to work with Roxio NXT 8.
  9. cdanteek

    Yet again, No Signal

    Did that installation file come with the capture device? Or did you buy just the software version of Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus?
  10. cdanteek

    Yet again, No Signal

    Can you answer the questions I ask PLEASE?
  11. cdanteek

    Yet again, No Signal

    1. You have a ton of stuff installed when I look at your .jpg of Programs and Features! Anything no longer needed should be uninstalled. 2. Your 'jpg of Roxio Capture device is the old version, not the new updated version. How long have you had it and did you get it with Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus or an older version of Easy VHS to DVD? Because this is the new capture device Roxio ships with Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus.
  12. cdanteek

    Yet again, No Signal

    Open the program click support left top of the window and click about this software post a .jpg as I show? I still need a pic of your capture device! Go into Programs and Features and look for SCP entry like the one shown in .jpg?
  13. cdanteek

    Yet again, No Signal

    In device manager do you show 'other devices'? Screen capture of it expanded, please? Post a .jpg image of your capture device? With the device plugged in, you need to right-click on the two entries under sound video and game controllers and uninstall/delete them both. Then unplug the capture device and reboot, do not plug in the device! Explore your software disc and you will find an x86 and x64 versions on the capture device drivers run the .exe for your OS W-10 Pro. When finished reboot the PC plugin the capture device and check device manager for the two Roxio entries.
  14. cdanteek

    File Format Not Supported

    Jpeg's can easily be resized from MB's to kb's, this .jpg is only 25.5kb in size.
  15. I would search 'W-10 class not registered'. When I do that it pulls a damaged system DLL for W-10. Make sure your W-10 is updated. Running 'system file check (SFC) Scan and Repair System Files & DISM to fix things SFC cannot', is the recommendation.
  16. cdanteek

    File Format Not Supported

    Your FlipAlbum software altered a .jpg where I can't open it and you tell me I "Need a more robust multiformat viewer" to view a .jpg!
  17. cdanteek

    VHS to DVD NTSC resolution selection?

    When you burn it to DVD it will convert it to the standard needed.
  18. Click the details on the error window and post what it says.
  19. cdanteek

    Installation Issue- Old Version

    It's trying to phone home to a Roxio Server and check the CD Key. Make sure nothing is stopping it like firewalls or antivirus software.
  20. cdanteek

    Installation Impossible

    This is covering what I would like to read! Have you tried running a repair from program and features?
  21. I use video wave to create the production click the prepare to author icon at the top and save the production as a mpeg. Then I use the free program ImgBurn to make an iso image or burn it to a disc with no menu. If you go that route watch carefully when you install ImgBurn for extras you don't want to uncheck them.
  22. Roxio creator 7 or Roxio NXT 7? Videowave is the editor it won't burn anything. MyDVD is the DVD Author program and is used to burn your project to disc.
  23. cdanteek

    Which one to remove

    NXT4 has fewer features.