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  1. This Roxio software comes with the Roxio USB Capture Device shown in the pic.

    Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

    VHS to DVD Converter

    • Convert VHS to DVD or digital
    • Capture video from your camcorder
    • Burn videos to disc with menus and chapters
    • Make quick edits, trim video, enhance color
    • Add transitions and titles


    Capture and convert videos

    • Give your old videos new life and convert legacy footage to digital
    • Convert VHS to DVD in a few easy steps or import video from your camcorder
    • With your capture device connected, play your video on your camcorder or VCR to capture and convert your video to digital
    • You can even convert your analog LPs and cassettes to audio CDs or MP3s
    • Easily convert video and audio to your preferred formats




    Posted November 5, 2020

    Important Announcement
    Roxio PhotoShow is going away on December 31st, 2020
    Thank you for your support of Roxio PhotoShow.
    We will be retiring the PhotoShow service in December as PhotoShow runs on Adobe’s Flash technology and this technology will be retired by Adobe at the end of the year. We are no longer taking new subscription signups for the PhotoShow service.

    On 10/27/2020,current subscribers to the PhotoShow will be issued pro-rated refunds for the remainder of their subscription period. Please note that refunds may take a few days to process. Subscriber free access to the service will continue until 12/31/2020 when PhotoShow will be officially retired. You do not need to do anything to receive your refund. The refund will be processed and should appear in your credit card account within about a week.

    Saving PhotoShows:
    PhotoShows can be exported as video in WMV or MPEG format.
    PhotoShows can also be burned to DVD.
    This short video explains how to save your PhotoShows in a format that will be viewable after the service shuts down.

    Watch Video

    PhotoShow App:
    The PhotoShow app is required to export video or burn DVDs.

    Click Here to Download the PhotoShow App

    Thank you again for your support of Roxio PhotoShow.

    The PhotoShow Team


  3. 13 minutes ago, eetf1 said:

    Yes, I installed the EasyCap's drivers that came with the device (mini CD), "USB2.0 MIC" is what registers for audio  when connecting the device.

    Only one driver with the easycap and it's only audio?

    If the easy cap doesn't work uninstall/delete it when it's plugged in, in device manager remove the device and reboot the PC.

    All I know is the old Roxio USB Capture device with the older drivers you show won't work with NXT8 and W10 but try it after removing the easycap driver.