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  1. I'm baffled, as I've been making PhowShow videos for many years and

    downloading them to DVD's.

    I can play my new PhotoShow video online at www.photoshow.com.

    I downloaded the desk top Version 6 a few times.

    When I open the desk top version, none of my music plays in the

    video I made.

    I'm using Windows 7 and IE 11.  And, it is the same problem if I open

    it in Google Chrome.

    All of this wouldn't matter but I cannot make a DVD from the online PhotoShow I

    made. If there's a way to make a DVD from my online video I made, do you know

    how I can?

    What could be the problem causing my music not to play in the desk top version?

    I've tried removing the music and downloading it many times, even changing the

    songs.  Many songs I've had for years and some are new from Amazon Music that

    I paid for...but, that does not matter because no music works; not even the generic

    songs in PhotoShow.

    My apologies if I posted this to the wrong place.

    Thank you.