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    Hi! I just upgraded to Toast 16, but I wonder how do I register, and pay for the upgrade? Since I just downloaded it from your site. The support staff just told me to go to corel.com, But I can't find where to pay for the upgrade? And of course find a cd key?
  2. gurrab

    CD Spin Doctor 5.0.4t broken again

    Hello all! Maybe I'm intrude, but I've installed Cd Spin doctor 6.x with Toast 10. But Now I've upgraded toast to 11 and I was hoping Cd Spin doctor would have been upgraded included with Toast... But no no no... It's still 6.1 and the update option in the menu is grey... So I updated manually to 6.1.1 but still no update option in the menu. Now I try update to 6.1.2 but then the version changed to 5.0.4t... And when I try install the audio capture software it fails. Maybe the doctor isn't totally ok with Mac OS 10.7 yet??? What you think? Anyway, I try chat and messaging with the support staff......