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    Roxio Game Capture Doesent Work

    no there is no information
  2. ichmagmeinehosen

    Which One Is The Blue Component Cable

    i didnt meant that:) i meant the roxio cabe have a colour ring but I cant see the difference between the green one and the blue one... just one colour is brighter as the other one...
  3. yeah i know sounds funny but which one is the blue component cable from roxio game capture... is it the brighter one or the dark one
  4. So there is my problem... When I press the buttom at the beginning when I start the programm "capture" or somthing like that (yes I know my english is really bad. because Im german, and than Suddendly when I pressed the buttom there is a message incoming each time "the choise of the Video device failed" and then the "start capture" buttom goes grey and I can press nothing more... please help me