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    Burn A Mp3

    I am trying to burn a mp3 and i can't change destination: from my dvd burner to cd burner. It won't let me change from F: to E:
  2. indet1962

    Burn A Mp3

    I am trying to burn a mp3 and when i try to change the destination from dvdrw f: to E; it won't give me the option. Can someone please help me. Thanks,
  3. indet1962

    Burn A Mp3

    Sorry. I'm new to this and just having a problem with this. When I put a CD-R in the DVD drive it kicks the disc out. I thought the same as you. thanks anyway.
  4. indet1962

    Burn A Mp3

    I'm not sure what you mean. I'm trying to burn a MP3 and its telling me to burn it using my F drive which is my DVD burner. I need to make it so I can use my CD burner. One is on top of the other. I'm using Roxio creator 2009. Thanks.
  5. indet1962

    Burn A Mp3

    how to I change the destination for the disc to burn. It keeps telling me to burn on my DVD drive not the rewritable drive.