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    Pc To Mac

    but imovie still wont accept the file
  2. riskybiscutz

    Pc To Mac

    yeah i save it like that, and after the .dv or whichever one of those, it puts .dmsm and .dat
  3. riskybiscutz

    Pc To Mac

    It keeps getting saved as a .dat and .dmsm and i can't open it in imovie can someone please tell me just the FILE TYPE that i need to save it as to open it on mac
  4. riskybiscutz

    Pc To Mac

    no i want to capture my footage then save it to a flash drive then put it on my mac but i don't know which file to save it as like avi dv mp4 or what
  5. riskybiscutz

    Pc To Mac

    Ok, so i capture my gameplay on my pc to put on youtube (SUBSCRIBE: riskybiscutz) but i want to edit on my mac. So what file do i have to save the video as to get it to transfer to my mac?
  6. riskybiscutz


    i have a roxio game cap and i want to use it so bad but my t.v. isn't in 1080p. the tutorial to set it up for the xbox 360 says 1080 is recomended but when i try it on anything else the recorder lags and stops responding and i am really frustrated what should i do?