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  1. There is nothing you can do about this until after the audio CD is burned and mounted on the Mac. The only reason you're not seeing a generic "Audio CD" title for the burned disc is an item in the online CDDB has the same length and number of tracks as your disc so the Mac OS automatically downloaded and wrote that to the Mac's cdinfo database file. The only way to change what the Mac is showing is to edit it within iTunes after the audio CD is burned and mounted. What you must do to change it is to insert the burned audio CD, open iTunes, select the name of the CD in the left-side panel of iTunes and choose Get Info.


    Okay... done that.. and removed the name so it is blank.

    does that mean the NEXT CD I burn will be blank and can THEN be named?

    Obviously it does not change the name of the already burned Cherry Pink in the burned CD.

  2. There are no albums in my iTunes left side panel

    In the right panel there are two short songs.

    iTunes is never opened in the recording process.

    The audio information is recorded by WireTap Pro, saved as a QT file xxx.aifc

    Then a blank CD is inserted in the FW CD/DVD recorder and TOAST automatically opens

    Will attach one I just tested and it ended up with the CD named Cherry Pink

    So what's next?? Where is that name. I do not find it in iTunes.

    post-97470-067857900 1312251227.png

  3. That name is coming from the online CDDB and not from the CD itself. The first time you insert an unrecognized audio CD the Mac automatically searches the online CDDB for a disc that has the same number of tracks with the same track lengths. If it finds a match it fills that info in and writes it to the Mac's cdinfo database file. The only way to change it is to edit it in iTunes.


    THANKS. Most of my recordings are voice audio from talks on the internet, rather than music and I use QuickTime Player

    Also for music 90% of time I use QT Player albeit once in a while lTunes IF it's a multi-track CD i want to sequence through the songs.


    After searching iTunes just now I find no place to change a disc name. How is that done?