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  1. bump just one last time
  2. wow well that's pathetic. can i send it back and get my money back?
  3. ohhh okay, so there will be an update soon on the software?
  4. and how would i do this?
  5. i uninstalled the software and re installed and the problem is still there? do i have to do it again?
  6. Okay although that is not exactly what I wanted to hear, I will take it to consideration and try to fix. THANK YOU SO MUCH
  7. Hey guys, everything is running smoothly with the recording of the content but the audio is funky. Explosions and gun fire are extremely loud (well everything for that matter). And I was wondering if anyone knew of a solution to this problem. THANKS ALOT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2724xZ3pDA